Italian renaissance woodcut playing cards

Block C2

All but one of the preserved fragments are partially coloured, and come from at least eight different imprints.

SA S3 CA S2 C9 S4
D3 D9 D2 D8 DA D7
C6 C2 D6 S6 C8 D5
D4 C7 S8 C4 C3 C5
Budapest 5064
Budapest 5066
Budapest 5067
Budapest 5065
Budapest 5059
Budapest 5056
Budapest 5057 and 46779, plus a third similar fragment from the Cary collection at Yale
Budapest 5058 and 46780

The Benaki card is a single card found in Egypt and held by the Μουσείο Μπενάκη (Benaki Museum) in Athens.