Johann Bussemacher, 1591

This deck adapts the round designs by Master PW from c. 1500 into a rectangular format. One of the five suits and one of the four ranks of court cards from that 70 card deck are removed, resulting in a 52 card deck. The remaining suits are parrots, hares, carnations and columbines, while roses are dropped. The court cards are knaves – based on the original's Unter cards – queens and kings; the latter two mounted. It also retains the full set of pip cards from 1 to 10, which means that the structure of the deck is identical to that of cards of the French type rather than the German.

The knave designs are entirely mixed up with regards to suits. The knave of parrots is based on the Unter of columbines, the knave of hares on the Unter of roses, the knave of carnations on the Unter of parrots and the knave of columbines on the Unter of carnations. The features that are preserved are their weapons and their general posture; the indications of various nationalities in the original are on the other hand not kept. The three originally right-facing ones are reversed, so that all end up left-facing. Note that one of the knaves in Johann Bussemachers deck is based on the design from the suit that is not used in this deck. This suggests that the artist had a full deck as his source, and deliberately performed the shortening himself.

The queens and kings diverge even more from the source than the knaves do, but the designs are in varying degree based on cards from the PW deck. The queens of hares and carnations both ride donkeys like the original queen of columbines. The queen of parrots is reminiscent of the original queens of hares and roses. The kings of parrots and hares are similar to reversed versions of the original kings of carnations and columbines respectively. The king of carnations is based on a reversed original king of parrots, but is given metal armor, including a face-covering helmet. The queen and king of columbines are not based on any original cards, but instead depict a nun and a monk.